Intention in its purest form is the seed of our individual contribution, co-creating with Universal Consciousness all things for the highest good. A collective of trained meditators, holding a single directed intention together in oneness over a period of time adds power and strength to an intention and increases its likelihood for perfect manifestation.
It is our intention to support your journey in a manner that reflects most authentically your soul’s purpose. How it is defined with your voice will be the vibration which will be sustained through our collective vision. Given the awareness which is present within, are you able to positively
affirm that which is intended for your highest and best good and for all concerned? As your vision will manifest as the creation, clarifying your intention is the most important aspect of this part of the process. As you intend so it will be. The Universe works in very literal terms. It is important to be clear in both thought and communication. Once the wheels of intention are set in motion it is best to be patient and
allow all things to unfold in Divine Right Order. A seed has been
planted and must be allowed to germinate, not dug up to see if it’s growing. Know with faith and trust that your wishes are heard and are met in a manner that honors all aspects of life.

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